StaysForStories | Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC利用Asia Travel Club亞旅俱樂部簡化網上博客營銷戰略

現代悠閒的場景就在繁華的吉隆坡市,Le Apple Botique Hotel KLCC,利用亞洲旅遊俱樂部(ATC)與旅遊、時尚和生活方式內容創作者Mersie Chua(@ c.mersie)聯繫,建立有效的網上博客營銷。
Asia Travel Club亞旅俱樂部以#StaysForStories 將Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC與馬來西亞社交媒體人Mersie Chua聯繫在一起,而且一段婚姻亦在Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC發生。

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Spent my another weekend staycation @leappleboutiquehotelklcc So, guys as I promised in my IG story previously that I will be sharing on how to get free hotels / resorts like me. I’m using a platform called @asiatravelclub that can be found on Facebook Messenger app. However it has requirements for an individual to sign up to request for free experiences from hotels & resorts under ATC Program Partners. You may check out on their IG / Facebook profile or link in my bio to know more. I will also be sharing on how to sign up to request for free experiences from ATC app via IG story. Basically, it’s more like you get free hotel stay in exchange of your hotel reviews along with mention of @asiatravelclub program platform that helps you to get a free hotel experience stay. #mersiestaycation #AsiaTravelClub #StaysForStories #ATC #explorelocal #weekendstaycation

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不論您是想透過與自己配合業務的KOL influencers去擴大自己品牌的老闆,還是擁有千名以上的Blogger、網紅、KOL,就快參加亞旅俱樂部 Asia Travel Club(ATC)的社交商務平台,通過其 #StaysForStories 計劃,來把亞洲的旅遊KOL和不同酒店連接起來。

透過,或者 註冊,快成為我們的一份子。

Travel141是一個專注於為亞洲旅遊博客和成功的#stayforstories活動進行培訓,分享和指導的網站。 同時為我們的酒店合作夥伴招募新的博客。

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